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SEO Audit

Experts believe that Google takes over 200 factors into consideration when ranking a website. Nobody knows the exact factors that affect your search engine ranking, which is one of the reasons why beginners often fail in getting their website on top of the search engine. Even if you had known the things that affect your Google ranking, it would be very difficult to optimize your website for each factor. The days when publishing content on Google was enough to get your page up and running in the search engine are long gone. Today, it takes efforts, skills, and practice to improve your website’s search engine ranking. That’s what SEO auditing helps you achieve.

We, at Digital Geeks, implement the best practices and tools to generate organic traffic to your website and increase its search engine ranking on Google. SEO audit is the only way to get a better picture of your site’s overall performance. It helps you identify your weaknesses, strengths, areas you need to focus on, and more. From analyzing your backlinks to scanning your website for duplicate content, SEO auditing involves every step that helps ensure that your website adheres to the general guidelines implemented by Google.

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For an effective SEO campaign, it’s really important that you run a website audit on a regular basis. The more you audit your website’s SEO, the higher the traffic your website generates and the more qualified leads you will receive. That’s the power of a successful SEO auditing campaign.

It isn’t possible for an individual to run the SEO audit, as it isn’t something that could be performed single-handedly. That’s because SEO audit is one of the comprehensive areas that need research, extensive knowledge, and experience. Whether you need to scan the keyword density in your blogs to ensure that your content creators haven’t overstuffed the pages with keywords, or you want someone who can analyze the quality of backlinks, is your one-stop platform for all types of SEO auditing related tasks.

SEO auditing can take days and weeks. Now that 60% of the searches take place on smartphones, Google has started ranking websites according to the mobile algorithms. We design SEO audit campaigns keeping your long-term business objectives in mind. Our primary objective is to help boost your SEO ranking by identifying the areas that need improvement and working on these sections to provide you with the best results. Not only do we check your website’s health, but our team specializes in offering valuable advice for improving your SEO performance.

Most companies focus on SEO, as it is the first and foremost factor that determines the performance of your company in the search engine. You may have a perfect SEM or SMM plan in place, but nothing works as well as your on-page and off-page SEO optimization techniques. Now, posting content on a regular basis and optimizing for the on-site SEO will not suffice.


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